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My number one book recommendation for all things trauma is Bessel Van Der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score.  This book changed the way I practice. Found here:

I have also heard Babette Rothschild’s The Body Remembers Vol. 1&2 are equally good. I have them but haven’t gotten to read them yet! 

These are some of the gurus in the field of trauma (in my humble opinion):

Dr. Bruce Perry (child trauma and developmental trauma).

Dr. Francine Shapiro (creator of EMDR).

Dr. Peter Levine (creator of Somatic Experiencing).

Dr. Pat Ogden (creator of Sensimotor Psychotherapy).

Dr. Richard Schwartz (creator of Internal Family Systems).

Dr. Stephen Porges (creator of Polyvagal theory).


Brene Brown.

Dr. Kristin Neff (self-compassion).

Insomnia: (working on it!)

Instagram accounts I am obsessed with:

Ultimate self-healer guide:

All things polyvagal:

Love everything she posts:

For anything related to couples work:

Books on my nightstand currently:

If you can’t tell from the picture below, I like big books and I cannot lie. Reading and learning are my jam and it is a never ending cycle for me of constant growth. Honestly it drives some people in my life crazy but there is always more to learn in my opinion!