Meet Addie

I see you. Surviving day by day. Trying to live the life you want but feeling like maybe you aren’t meant to be happy. It is hard to be happy when you struggle to trust others, you view yourself as a failure or worthless, or your anxiety and constantly feeling on edge keeps getting in the way of being productive.

We are not meant to live in survival mode day in and day out. At some point in your life, you learned how to survive. Whether that was to disconnect from your situation and everyone around you, to shut down and go numb, or to stay in bed and hope your problems would disappear.   Your body kept you alive but now it won’t let you rest.

It is time to learn how to rest. How to live. How to be at peace.

Reaching out and asking for help takes a lot of courage.  Now the search begins for the right therapist. One where you feel safe, heard, respected, and understood. If you are connecting to the words on this website and feel I am talking to you, more than likely we are going to be a great fit.


Hi. I am Addie. Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas.

My expertise, training, and interest align best with people who feel worthless, struggle with being themselves, apologize all the time, or feel like they have to put on this mask in order for people to accept them. Maybe this is something connected to your past you can’t quite shake. Maybe not. Maybe you think “It wasn’t that bad.” or “I’m over it”. Often you feel anxious, can’t sleep, feel cranky, and you are exhausted from hustling all the time in that hamster wheel for your worthiness.

How can you know if we are a good fit? Are you ready to work hard in and out of therapy? Look I am pretty damn good at what I do but I’m not a miracle worker. Basically what I am saying is 50 minutes a week with me isn’t going to do shit if you aren’t putting in effort outside of our sessions. I believe therapy is an active process on both of our parts. I will do my part. Are you ready to do yours?

I truly love what I do and ultimately feel called to do this work. I am amazed everyday at the resiliency, the strength, the resourcefulness, the absolute bravery that I see in the faces of those I work with.

What is it like to work with me?

I have made it my life’s mission to learn all I can about how past experiences affect people and how to help you feel at peace in your body and mind. In a nutshell it’s complicated. Past experiences show up in our lives in so many different variations and colors, it is impossible to say one treatment works for everyone. Check out my trauma page for more information on this topic.

What I do know is I can listen, create a space where you do not feel judged and can be yourself, and share my knowledge with you. I tailor therapy to meet your individual needs and wants. My only goal is to help get you to where you want to be. I know your past doesn’t define you but is a part of you and I want to get you to a place where you believe this too.

What I want you to gain from therapy with me.

  • When you think about your past, it is something in the past that doesn’t encroach on your life now. It stays in the past. You are not happy about it. You may be sad or even mad about it but you aren’t transported back to that moment when it crosses your mind.
  • You are able to look in the mirror, say these words, and believe them. I am worthy of love and belonging no matter what.
  • You can feel calm. Not just on the outside but on the inside too. Your body can feel relaxed throughout the day and you can go to the grocery store without looking over your shoulder.
  • You believe you can choose who you trust and you know how to determine if you can trust others.
  • You allow yourself to say no to others if it means saying yes to yourself. You no longer bend over backwards to make others happy but choose to put yourself first.
  • When you feel emotions, your first response is to embrace them and ride that wave until it passes.

Ready to get started?