Self-Esteem Therapy in Texas

You struggle to think back to a time you felt worthy. Felt seen and loved for exactly who you are.

You’ve struggled with your self-esteem for as long as you can remember. There always seem to be some prerequisites for your worthiness. I will feel worthy when I lose ten pounds. Getting married will prove that I’m worth someone’s time.  Buying that house will show that I’m not a failure.  Having kids will show that others that I’m capable of adulting.  Graduating is my only option to prove that I’m not wasting time. Making a certain amount of money will show that I’ve made it.  The list goes on. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Self-esteem therapy could be exactly what you need.

What It Can Feel Before Starting Self-Esteem Therapy

This never feeling good enough holds you back from doing things you desperately want to do. Taking that job that is risky. Speaking up for what you know is right. Telling your mom you can only stay for an hour because her comments about your weight are hurtful. You have friends and family that love you but you feel so ashamed of who you are, you disconnect from them and pull away. Sometimes, you think you have nothing of value to talk about. You are not interested in any way. You feel so far behind on this “timeline” you are certain everyone is following but you.

That voice in your head so nasty. You would feel ashamed to repeat the words you say to yourself to any other person. It is a war zone up there. Your inner critic is an asshole and tells you on the daily what a failure you are. How you won’t ever amount to anything.

The shame you feel is crushing. It is like a black cloud that permeates every part of your body. You try to be kind to yourself but it feels forced and like a bunch of BS.

Your brave voice is there inside you. Let’s make your brave voice stronger and louder together. 

A girl laughing looks away from the camera. She is feeling more confident after beginning self-esteem therapy in Texas with Everyday Bravery's online therapist in texas, Addie.

We all have it. For a lot of us, we refuse to acknowledge. We hope we can just pretend it’s not there. The more we keep the secret, the bigger the burden of carrying it alone it becomes. Some of us have traumatic shame based on experiences we have had in our past. These experiences live with us whether we realize it or not. They live in our bodies and our minds making us feel like we are not safe.

 “Raising” Your Self-Esteem

Your brave voice is there inside you. It whispers to you from time to time. You can do it. You were born for this. You are enough. But the shame voice is too loud, too nasty, too much in control. You wish the brave voice would get a  little louder. You wish you could take a compliment. Hell, even give yourself one when you look in the mirror. You’re tired of fear and worrying about what people will think. This is from holding you back. You want to own all parts of yourself, not the ones you think people want to see. You want to speak your truth. All of it.

How Self-Esteem Therapy in Texas Will Help You

A woman holds a puppy smiling while it licks her face. She is very happy after starting self-esteem therapy in Texas with online counselor Addie at Everyday Bravery

Let’s make your brave voice stronger and louder together. In self-esteem counseling, we will work on: 

  • Quieting your shame voice. Learning that leaning into vulnerability is your strength, not our weakness
  • Figuring out how and when this shame voice came to be so loud and mean.
  • Recognizing situations your shame voice might come out. Then, learning how to prepare for them.
  • Turning towards your shame voice and setting boundaries. Letting it know it has a place in your head, but it will never be in the driver’s seat. It is time for your brave voice to learn how to drive.
  • Figuring out your values and how to step into those values.
  • Learning and practicing self-compassion. Fair warning: it isn’t as easy as it sounds but so worth it in the long run.

If you feel that low self-esteem is impacting other areas of your life, explore this anxiety resource to learn more.

Start Self-Esteem Counseling with Everyday Bravery Online Counseling in Texas

A sunflower represents how your self perception can blossom with counseling for low self-esteem in Texas with online therapist Addie of Everyday Bravery.

You are your own worst enemy and you’ve been beating yourself up for longer than you’d like to admit. You internalized the narrative of thinking “I’m worthy when (fill in the blank with a conditional achievement that will likely not make you feel better about yourself).” I’m here to help you hear your brave voice and see your worth. In self-esteem therapy, we’ll work together to amplify your brave voice. When you’re to stand up to your internal bully, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a free consultation.
  2. Hi, my name is Addie. Get to know me as your new therapist.
  3. You will embark on our journey towards you feeling seen and worthy.

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