You fall into your bed at night tired to the bone, exhausted from the day, ready to get a good night’s rest. You close your eyes and try to shut your mind off but it has other plans.

It proceeds to run through all of the things you have to worry about and goes to the worst case scenario for each different worry. You try to relax your body but it seems to revolt instead and you feel tense and tight all over.

Maybe on some of the really bad nights you wake up in a sweat terrified from the nightmare you just had. When you wake up it is hard to separate dream from reality and it takes forever for you to fall back asleep.

You toss and turn. Hoping, praying it’s only been a few minutes. You brace yourself and force yourself to open your eyes to look at your phone. It reads 3 am. Dammit. Several hours of sleep gone. You proceed to beat yourself up for not being able to fall asleep like a “normal person” for the next hour.

Sound familiar?

Sleep is extremely important for your overall mental and physical health. If your sleep is off you can be doing everything else right and still feel like crap. I am sure I am preaching to the choir and you are probably thinking, “Yes I know sleep is important, I just can’t seem to fall or stay asleep!”

All day long you are absorbing energy and your mind and body are running at high speed. Then at night, you are expecting your body and mind to shut off easily and drift off to sleep. Sometimes it is not that easy.

Online counseling for insomnia in Texas.

How therapy could help.

          • Learn different things you can do to prepare your body for sleep. Let’s set you up for success for a good night’s rest!
          • A lot of times when we start working on other stuff such as your trauma and/or anxiety and those symptoms get better, your sleep improves too.

Here’s to a good night’s rest!