Online Anxiety Treatment in Texas

What it Feels Like Before Starting Online Anxiety Treatment

Worrying is what you do best.

People in your life complain you can never relax. You are constantly thinking about the worst-case scenario. When things are going well, you often wonder, “this won’t last” and it most definitely is too good to be true.

You feel jumpy and tense all the time.  Your jaw might be constantly tight. Your shoulders tense. At the end of the day, your body is sore like you ran a marathon but you didn’t.

You are always on guard, scanning the room, and can feel extra jumpy in large crowd situations.

Forget the grocery store. You hate that place! All the lights, noise, and people get on your last nerve.

It’s hard to concentrate and it takes a while for you to complete simple tasks. You catch yourself having a flight of ideas but never following through. Often, you feel overwhelmed when you try something new.

When you get upset, your emotions tend to take over and it takes you a while to calm down.

You are so damn exhausted of feeling on edge all the time and feel done with getting worked up over the little things. Feeling overrun by your emotions is something you don’t want to deal with anymore.

When others try to compliment you or show their love and support for you, you immediately feel it in your body. Your throat tenses up, your stomach forms knots. It is hard for you to breathe and you feel panicky. Accepting love and appreciation feels weird at the very least. Sometimes, downright skin crawling because you do not see yourself the way your loved ones do.

You desperately want to feel in control. You want to be able to relax without downing a box of wine, smoking a joint, or eating a box of Oreos.

A woman drinks a glass of wine with a soft smile on her face. She has started online anxiety treatment in Texas with Everyday Bravery. You can get online counseling in Texas with Addie too!

Could it be anxiety? If you find yourself…


Wanting to know what it is like to wake up and not feel like the sky is falling. You want to enjoy the little moments without being hijacked by fear of what is next.

Having a desire to feel content, not even happy. Actually content with your life. You want to lie your head down on your pillow at night and not ache in your bones, in your muscles.

Wanting to go to that grocery store. I don’t want to say enjoy it, but at the very least not feel like you are in supermarket sweep (this is probably dating me!) and have to haul ass through the aisles to find what you need.

Wishing you could walk through life at a comfortable pace. Perhaps even stopping to enjoying it every now and then.

Working with an anxiety therapist could help.

A young couple rides a motorcycle smiling. They have started anxiety treatment in Texas online with Everyday Bravery.

How online anxiety treatment can help.

We would spend some time learning about anxiety and how it works. I know you know how it feels and you might be thinking I don’t care how it works, only how to make it stop working. Well here is the thing. A little anxiety is good. It helps us stay safe, motivated, and excited. How many times have you felt excited and nervous about something? First date anyone?

What We Can Learn From Online Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety becomes a problem when we feel it a little too much and it prevents us from doing the things we want to do. For example, you can’t go on that first date because you are having a panic attack. In therapy, we learn about the mechanisms of anxiety. Then, connecting that to what is happening in your brain. Once we understand what is happening, we focus on strategies that target our brain in an anxious state. Further, I’ve found sharing some information about anxiety, helps people feel “normal”. Like it isn’t all in their head, but just their brain doing its thing trying to protect us.

I help people learn how to tell their bodies and brain it is okay. It’s like saying, “thank you for protecting me then but I am safe now, it is safe to relax”. The first step is learning how to regulate your mind and body. I help teach you strategies to do this. Next, we move into the self-compassion part. You learn how to be kind to yourself. Finally, we focus on how to replace those annoying anxiety-producing thoughts of “I won’t ever be able to do this”, to “maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but I won’t know for sure until I try”

To learn more about how anxiety can have an impact on us, explore this site about anxiety disorders.

Starting Online Anxiety Treatment in Texas with Everyday BraveryA woman laughing wearing headphones is feeling happy again after starting online anxiety treatment in Texas with Everyday Bravery Counseling and Therapy.

You know the anxiety sweats too well. The temperature difference between your hand compared to the rest of your body is alarming.  Sometimes, your insides feel like they are completely liquid.  Hell, you’re probably irritable. You’re probably really fed up with all of this. When you’re ready to kick your anxiety to the curb, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a free consultation with me.
  2. Get to know me, Addie, as your new anxiety therapist.
  3. Take back the control anxiety has taken from you.

Other Online Counseling Services Offered at Everyday Bravery in Texas

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a rule book for life? Maybe a Choose Your Own Adventure, but with the right answers. Perhaps someday.  Until that day, I can help. With online anxiety treatment in Texas, I offer many different services that can help for situations you can come across.  If you find yourself feeling stuck, consider looking into my depression treatment. If your favorite activity is either not sleeping or picking yourself apart, check out my services for insomnia and self-esteem counseling. Additionally, I provide a unique approach to working with men in counseling.  All of my services are conveniently offered for online therapy in Texas. I can’t wait to meet you!

On top of anxiety, do you often feel sad?