Group therapy is a whole new ball game when it comes to your mental health. I know it may sound like your worst nightmare, but trust me, if you give it a chance you might grow to like it, maybe even love it. In Grad School, we had to form and run our own groups among our peers. To say it was torture is an understatement but it was an incredible learning opportunity. Seeing the group process unfold in front of my eyes was the coolest thing.

Groups can help in the following ways:

    • help you feel less ALONE. We have all had that feeling that we are the only one who does xyz and with groups you can see firsthand you arent!
    • help you build connection and maybe even make friends
    • help you lean into the scary V word – vulnerability. There is something about a shared space that you come to every week that helps people feel safe and open up.
    • learn from each other. Everyone will be in different spots in their healing process. Some further ahead than others, this is where you can learn from other people mistakes and successes.
    • it can be fun. You bond with your group members, have inside jokes, and form great memories.

Our therapy groups are held online and usually are about 6-10 members. If you are interested in joining any of our groups, more than likely, you will be required to complete a pre-interview with the facilitator. This ensures you will be a good fit for the group and answer any questions you may have.

Upcoming Groups

Here is the link to schedule your pre-interview for this group: