Eye movement desensitization reprocessing. Whew. That is a mouthful! What is it you are asking? It is a type of therapy treatment specifically to help people who struggle with their past experiences.

It helps past memories and experiences that are very hot to the touch and when you think about them you feel like you are back in them, to memories that are a lot cooler, ones you know happened in the past and your body doesn’t feel like you are back there when you think about them. 

How does it work?

EMDR combines a lot of different techniques into one. With trauma or negative past experiences, a lot of times we spend our entire lives trying not to think about them, which only makes them harder and heavier to carry. With EMDR, it asks you specifically think about them and pay attention to what you are noticing. Easy but also hard if you spend your entire life avoiding, distracting, and purposefully trying not to think about your past.

As a EMDR trained therapist, I am there with you the entire way. EMDR is hard and painful but it should never be re-traumatizing. As your therapist, I make sure this doesn’t happen. I have had a lot of success doing EMDR with clients and helping them work through their past. EMDR might not be for every client and we can assess that as we work together.

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